The Signs Your Spouse is Unfaithful

The one thing many spouses do not catch onto is if their significant other is cheating on them. It is never the ideal situation for any person and is one of the most unfortunate of circumstances to come to terms with. Most people do not know where to even begin looking if they believe their spouse is having an affair. If your suspicion of a possible affair arises, it means the trust you had in this person has veered. This makes for a confusing and hurtful situation. There are a couple of signs and actions one does that you can keep a watchful eye for.

Your spouse could be dressing up more often. This person could be ditching the sneakers and flannels for the sleek heels and dress shoes or blouse and button-down. The addition of a perfume or cologne could appear more before the workday, or a night out with “friends.”

Your significant other has their phone attached to their hip. This individual can change their phone habits as far as texting patterns and where they bring the device. It becomes more present when they go to shower, sleep, or when you two are just lounging. Your spouse could use the excuse explaining he or she placed their phone on do not disturb in order to not get caught with a missed call or text message. Your spouse may also get defensive when you go near or touch the phone. If that happens, your suspicion level should rise immensely.

Coinciding with being protective of the phone, your spouse could have everything under password protection. This can range from the cell phones, computers, and social media accounts. If you were to ask for a password, observe this person caring more about it than before, or they refuse to give you the password, those are all red flags surrounding unfaithfulness. Passwords are a prominent thing to have on your devices, but if it becomes a priority to this person, be more wary of their actions.

Most people are aware of the statistic that 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. The highest rate is between the ages of 20 to 24 years of age. Infidelity is not something any couple wants to face or come to terms with. There are so many different ways people can have an affair more easily through technology. The Internet, dating apps, and social media all play a contributing role for your spouse to have a liaison with another person. Until a cheating spouse can tell the difference between love and lust, it is practically impossible to move forward and repair the marriage.

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