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GPS TrackingWe are your affordable and reliable GPS device rental, GPS device sales, and GPS device installation and tracking solution.  NESS has been a leader in the highest quality of GPS equipment, installation and real time solutions since 2001.

If you have no need to purchase our top quality, cutting edge GPS tracking equipment, we provide GPS rental with no long term commitment, no cellular contract, no location and no ping fees.  Rent your GPS of choice for your short-term tracking needs and return it when you are finished; it’s that simple!
Our covert GPS tracking device solutions can be used as follows:

  • Determine infidelity in a relationship
  • Child custody – domestic matters
  • Monitor employees, singular work vehicles, trucks, equipment or an entire fleet, including rental cars or trucks.
  • Track valuable equipment or important shipments
  • Monitor teenage, problem, or elderly drivers
    * Security operations, executive protection, and general investigations

Getting started:  Which GPS device is correct for you? Our GPS Device Number (1) is for all covert uses, such as determining infidelity or tracking valuable equipment, and the GPS Device Number (2) is more for commercial or non-covert uses, such as safe, worry free traveling or other personal use.

The GPS Device Number (1) unit is a small, covert, real-time GPS tracking device, which begins to gather GPS data when the vehicle starts and sends the position data over the internet to a server. GPS Device Number (1) records vehicle movement, speed, route and duration and location of stops.  The device sends its position every 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes (you choose the interval).  The data is stored on the server and your software will download all data from the server automatically. Its small size and discreet coloring make it an ideal tool for covert monitoring.

The GPS Device Number (2) unit is a small, more commercial, data-logging tracking device.   Using internal switches you can set this tracking device every 10, 20, 30, or 60 seconds.  The GPS Device Number (2) is a real-time communication and is faster and more reliable than any method.  This GPS device begins to gather GPS data when the vehicle starts and sends the data over the Internet to a server; This GPS tracking device is one of the most sensitive and accurate systems available.

If you need help deciding which GPS device is right for you, call our office at 978-412-9008 and consult with a GPS expert.

How to order: After choosing your GPS, you will need to complete a GPS device Rental Contract and either email it to our office or fax it to us at 781-394-0484.

Your rented GPS tracking device can be installed by our in-house professionals, or you can do it yourself.  It comes with easy to use software that does all the work for you.  Once the GPS unit is installed on the vehicle or equipment, download the software and you will have the ability to view real-time route history (live route playback), stops, transits and it even can record the miles per hour (mph).

Please call our office to discuss any questions or concerns you may have at 978-412-9008

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