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Corporate ServicesNew England Surveillance Specialists (NESS) specializes in the investigation of insurance claims including workers’ compensation, auto fraud, liability, personal injury, homeowners, death claims, as well as medical malpractice claims. In the course of our specialized investigations, we provide to the insurance industry high quality, cost-effective surveillance, video documentation, signed and recorded statements, and complete background research.

NESS is a trusted vendor for many of the nation’s leading insurance carriers, attorneys, and corporations. We regularly provide activity checks, surveillance, in-depth background checks, and complete claimant file review. Many of our assignments have been instrumental in reducing, and in many cases, denying claimants’ rewards.

Our experienced field investigators use sophisticated equipment and techniques. Each investigator is fully trained in video surveillance techniques as well as all technical aspects of covert surveillance. In addition, we have on staff a professional videographer available to edit and prepare video and multimedia for courtroom hearings and trials. Our investigators are professional and discreet and have extensive courtroom experience.

Regardless of the size of your company, we ensure that our clients will be kept well informed of the progress and latest developments of an investigation. We ensure that our investigations will be conducted in a timely and cost-efficient manner, and each request for investigative service will be carefully evaluated in order to provide our clients with a plan of action best suited to their particular needs.

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