Child Support and Custody Investigations



child support & custody investigations

If you suspect your child is an unsafe, neglectful or unfit environment with their second guardian, consider hiring New England Surveillance Specialists to get the evidence that you have been waiting for. We conduct a complete and thorough investigation using surveillance, tracking, and other techniques to find out who he or she is surrounded by and to see if the environment is safe.

Before getting started, we will schedule a meeting to discuss what kind of information is relevant to your case. Finding the correct information is an important step in narrowing down evidence that is needed to prove your case.

Evidence such as photographs or surveillance footage of your spouse abusing or neglecting your children at home alone could leave a significant impact to the judge that your spouse is not fit to be the right caretaker.

Other situations that could aid you in your Child Custody case:

  • Does your former spouse partner drink alcohol or use drugs?
  • Does your former spouse drop your child off at your in-laws house so he/she can go out and party with his/her friends?
  • Is your former spouse living a lifestyle that is of questionable turpitude?
  • Is your former spouse dating someone who you feel could be dangerous to be around your child?
  • Is your former spouse putting the child in dangerous situations?
  • Does he/she physically or verbally abuse the child?

If your former partner is not spending time with your child during custody times, or if your child is not in safe hands, or if the environment is not appropriate or physical or emotional abuse is occurring, these may all be grounds for custody restructuring. Call New England Surveillance Specialist in Boston MA at 978-412-9008 to learn more and to receive a free, confidential consultation.

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