Bug Detection

Are you feeling unsafe in your own home or business? Do you suspect you are being watched? New England Surveillance Specialists will take care of your uncertainties and perform a complete and professional bug sweep with our latest up to date technology. NESS has protected clients in the residential and corporate industry for 20 years. Private invasions do happen! It is critical to protecting yourself and your company at all times. Don’t let your valuable information leak because of electronic eavesdropping and contact us at 978-412-9008. We provide our debugging and bug sweep services in Boston and all of Massachusetts.

Our Debugging and Bug Sweep for individuals and corporate includes:

  • Maintaining secure telephone lines for executive offices by regular sweeps for bugs
  • Telephone instrument debugging and sweeping
  • Bug sweeping rooms for transmitters in executive areas
  • Securing conference rooms from surveillance devices
  • 24-hour phone bug monitors

Signs you are being tracked:

  • Others knowing your confidential business or professional trade secrets.
  • People seem to know your actions and activities when they shouldn’t.
  • You have noticed static, popping, or scratching on your phone lines.
  • You can hear sounds coming from your phone handset when it’s hung up.
  • Your radio or television suddenly developed strange interference.

If you feel you are being spied on, contact NESS at 978-412-9008 for a free consultation so we can eventuate if a bug sweep is needed.

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