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Cheating SpouseCheating or Infidelity is a challenging issue that you may come across in a marriage and confront them could draw a thin line of trust. There are many behaviors that lead to an accusation of your partner having an affair. Unless you have proven evidence that there are signs of an affair, it is quite possible that your spouse could have these behaviors and still not actually be having an affair.

Here are some warning signs of cheating:

  • Guarding their phone
  • Adding password protection everywhere
  • Starts dressing better
  • New credit card to their name
  • Dropping “new name” in conversation
  • Doesn’t want sex
  • Working late hours
  • Picking more fights with you

If you think your spouse is having an affair based on our list or hard evidence, act now and contact Brian Davies at 978-412-9008. At New England Surveillance Specialists, your safety will always be our number one priority and no matter how challenging the situation may be, we will always find out the truth. We have dealt with a lot of infidelity investigations, our up-to-date technology and resource will get the answer you have been looking for in Boston MA. Allow us to help and take the stress out and contact us.

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“Great. Brian is very professional, but also understanding and empathetic. He jumped on my project... which was a relief since there was a bit of urgency. He communicated with me in a discreet manner. I would recommend him for any investigation project. It was worth every penny! ”

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“New England Surveillance arrived in advance of the appointed time. They monitored the situation
sending me text and photographic updates and gave me the information that I needed. It was done very professionally and thoughtfully. Thank you!”
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