Accident Scene Investigations

Accident Scene Investigations

On a daily basis, hundreds of accidents occur that lead to loss of property, hinder the health of individuals, and even result in fatality.

An accident investigation is a process of collecting analysis of information that occurred during an accident.

An investigator is present to identify the root of the cause of the accident, and provide recommendations or take corrective actions to help prevent future incidents.

Accident reports are generally composed of the following:

A general description of the environment:

  • What happened to cause the accident
  • When the accident happened
  • Where the accident happened
  • Who was involved in the accident
  • How the accident happened

The accident investigation fully examines the factors contributed to the accident, including the state of individual, if it was work-related, management factors, etc.  The investigation also provides information on how to prevent future occurrences of similar events.

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